Month: May 2017

Miss Mao investment ecological jewelry stores full of customers every dayMiss Mao investment ecological jewelry stores full of customers every day

jewelry industry for many entrepreneurs who are the best project to make money, with the difficult problem of employment escalating, many young people are now embarked on the road of independent entrepreneurship. Miss Mao, who lives in Luohu, in the subway shops opened a jewelry store, franchise all kinds of ecological jewelry, she believes that the flowers and small fish can add life to the smart and fun. Open jewelry store operations for three months, she is full of aura of these goods are also popular, attracting a lot of customers.

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Personal investment to recommend what to do a good job of personal investment venturePersonal investment to recommend what to do a good job of personal investment venture

now everyone wants to invest in their own business, choose their own personal investment needs to pay attention to many problems, the choice of the project is essential. So, what are the personal investment projects? Different selection conditions, of course, have a different range of options, here to tell you where to choose a good personal investment venture!

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Three line city entrepreneurship to do what recommend money ideasThree line city entrepreneurship to do what recommend money ideas

we know that the first line, second tier cities, the pressure of life is very large, can not afford to buy a house, many people want to retire to the three line city life. Entrepreneurship is also a lot of friends in the three line of the city’s dream. So, the three line city do poineering work? Today, Xiaobian for everyone to recommend a few lines of three cities to make money ideas, let you in a small city as a boss!

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Shops need to do a good job in winter fire prevention workShops need to do a good job in winter fire prevention work

operating a shop, in fact, throughout the year there are a lot of things we need to pay attention to, and for the arrival of the winter, the operators also need to be very careful treatment. In short, as the weather is getting cold, a lot of shops with no heating, the heating stove with a stove in the store, we must put those flammable and explosive goods such as fireworks, firecrackers, paper and other paper products put off fire as far as possible, to develop good habits, not the napkin, melon skin casually stacked or thrown into the furnace surface, will not throw cigarette butts burning trash, cleaning ash in time. read more

How to pay attention to the young entrepreneurs after 90How to pay attention to the young entrepreneurs after 90

now has a lot of 90 who have started a business, at the same time as the whole social employment pressure increase, there are a lot of 90 graduates have begun to start at the time of graduation, so 90 young people to start an undertaking, to be able to succeed.

90 now gradually into the society, young people active thinking, advocating freedom, become the main force in the creation of social wealth, and entrepreneurship is the first choice of many young people. But this is not a good way to start the business, young entrepreneurs is difficult. Lack of experience, there is no source of funding, do not know the market will not be marketing, these factors are often possible to set a young entrepreneur to death. read more

The whole wardrobe franchise business notesThe whole wardrobe franchise business notes

open the whole wardrobe stores, the need to provide customers with the appropriate products, even if the basic needs of consumers can not be met, then the store can not survive the natural. If you do not understand the operation of such shops, you need to learn a lot of relevant business experience, Xiaobian share a few points for reference.

in the whole wardrobe to the store, which force the overall wardrobe must be very strong, no matter what kind of a whole wardrobe, if high in price formulation, or poor quality, there is a whole wardrobe consisting of not complete, or inventory of the overall wardrobe enough phenomenon, immediately will affect sales, natural it is not easy to increase the fixed customers. In the operation, not only to face the competition in the region as a whole wardrobe stores, but also to face the competition from a variety of brands of the overall wardrobe stores. read more

nner Mongolia 12 college students enrolled in the entrepreneurial employment typical storynner Mongolia 12 college students enrolled in the entrepreneurial employment typical story

hit before activities, there are many college students start their own way. Double activity coming let their entrepreneurial path more smoothly. Recently, the national struggle · Youth College Students Entrepreneurial employment stories typical list released, there are 12 college students in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

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Li Chunyang’s businessLi Chunyang’s business

shop in the end how to operate, each owner will have their own ideas, but also in accordance with their own ideas in the business of business. Daxing District Huangcun Beijing city cocoro supermarket was recently transferred to the 90 guy Li Chunyang. Li Chunyang active thinking, bold vision and courage, soon let the store have a new look.

Li Chunyang first posted on the street tore up the poster on the window, the glass clean, let the whole shop becomes bright. Business, Li Chunyang also very idea. He bought a printer, who come to the store to buy a total of 100 yuan of customers, you can print a photo stored in a mobile phone for free. This can be regarded as a new thing in the town, attracting a lot of customers. Although the purchase of a printer is not a small investment, but Li Chunyang in attracting customers and stability of the source to seize the opportunity. Whether you want to buy something or to print a photo, anyway, people go into the store. read more

Learn the marketing way with happy kingdomLearn the marketing way with happy kingdom

how to improve children’s paradise? It is necessary to do a good job in marketing, especially in the brand gathered children’s paradise industry, it is necessary for entrepreneurs to master certain marketing methods. So how to do marketing children’s paradise? May wish to learn to learn with the kingdom of happy children’s paradise.

advertising marketing

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