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President Trump declared on June 4 that the "appointment of the Special Counsel is totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL" Like many of Trumps utterances it was made with all the deliberation of a tweet But unlike some of his targets which are susceptible to a dashed-off gurgitation this is an intricate constitutional issue worthy of sober reflection Happily there is a clear answer: virtually no one believes the appointment of the special counsel is unconstitutional and there has been a long-standing bipartisan consensus to the contrary A little background: After Watergate Congress passed the Independent Counsel Act which created a supercharged independent prosecutor who acted in many ways outside of the Justice Department and with little oversight That act empowered Lawrence Walsh to investigate Iran-contra and Kenneth Starr to investigate Whitewater and Monica Lewinsky Notably a near unanimous Supreme Court upheld the legality of such a prosecutor in 1988 in Morrison v Olson Only Justice Antonin Scalia dissented Because the prosecutor created by the Independent Counsel Act was so anomalous Congress wrote a sunset clause into the act whereby it would have to be affirmatively re-upped in order to continue I joined the Justice Department in 1998 at the very start of the Lewinsky investigation and the Department knew the Independent Counsel Act was due to sunset on June 30 1999 Attorney General Janet Reno and Eric Holder asked me to convene a working group to think about the act and whether it should lapse and if so what should replace it After extensive consultations within the Justice Department and on a bipartisan basis with Congress we wrote the special counsel regulations Robert Mueller was appointed under those regulations They weaken the powers of the special counsel in several respects They require for example the special counsel to work under the supervision of the Attorney General (or if as here that person is recused the Deputy Attorney General) They give the Special Counsel "day-to-day independence" but say that substantial investigative steps have to be approved by the Attorney General And they say that if the Attorney General overrules the special counsel a report must be given to Congress to both the majority and minority parties These regulations were supported by almost everyone at the Justice Department and in Congress It is against this backdrop that Trumps claims must be assessed The Supreme Court already upheld a supercharged independent counsel in the Morrison case And while many such as myself think the Court may have gone too far in Morrison it is the law of the land Of course the Supreme Court is free to overrule an earlier decision but the problem for Trump is that the special counsel looks nothing like its predecessor The whole point of the regulations was to put the special counsel fully under the Justice Department instead of as an independent fourth branch of government In other words even overruling Morrison would not make the special counsel probe unconstitutional because the regulations take into account the weightiest constitutional objections to the Independent Counsel Act The best argument for why the Independent Counsel Act was unconstitutional was that the prosecutor was a "Principal Officer" under our Constitution someone with virtually Cabinet-level powers but who had not been nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate for such a task Virtually no one thinks Mueller is like an independent counsel in that respect He is working under the authority of the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein He cannot take steps without the approval of that Senate-confirmed presidentially appointed official Far from being a "Principal Officer" Mueller is a true subordinate incapable of doing anything that his boss Rosenstein rejects And who pray tell is Rod Rosensteins boss None other than President Donald J Trump No fact better puts the constitutionality of the special counsel in perspective If you or I get indicted we dont have the luxury of picking our prosecutor We are stuck with whoever has the case But in the end the prosecutor of Donald Trump is none other than Trumps own guy Rod Rosenstein Trump nominated Rosenstein to the position he holds; he is not some Obama Administration holdover The idea that the special counsel is a runaway agent biased against Trump is thus a feverish dream concocted by those who are afraid of where the investigation is leading And if there is any doubt about that Rod Rosenstein himself has dispelled it He has testified to Congress that Mueller has come back to him and asked for additional authority whenever he has sought to expand his investigation That is why a federal judge in Washington DC, Comey in testimony before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence on March 20.

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